3d Modelling




Developer Diaries – Flying Disc

This time in the Unity game engine we’re simulating a flying disc for adding to a virtual reality experience.   Featuring Dude and Dougray Scotty dog who are taking a break at the beach in our virtual Cornwall testing environment.

Developer Diaries – Kite Physics First Flight

Welcome to our developer diaries where we’ll be giving you a behind the scenes look at some of the ongoing work at Eta Carver.

For our first episode we’re simulating kite flight in Unity for a potential virtual reality experience release.  You’ll also get to see our favourite AI test bot affectionately known as “Dude” flying some of the kites.


Eta Carver is a small team based in Cornwall, UK with a broad range of skills specializing in 3D content creation, virtual reality and simulation.

We provide optimized quality products for all to enjoy along with assets to enable developers to fulfill their ambitions.


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