Throw Back Friday – Eta Elixir

Eta Elixir & Wakeboard

Eta Eliixir a virtual mahogany speedboat

Throw back Friday! Celebrating one of our best selling creations the Eta Elixir which was first launched all the way back in Summer of 2011 and is still a popular choice on the Second Life marketplace!

The Elixir is a classic mahogany speedboat complete with the upgraded Eta Wakeboarding System built in!

* Both Wakeboard & Boat are Included
* Owner can rez temp wakeboard engines allowing friends to join the fun
* Custom scripts and custom animations
* Elixir can carry driver + 5 passengers
* New menu system allows the easy addition of temporary guest drivers
* Dynamic towing system – you are not attached to the back of the boat, so you can really carve those turns!
* New throttle and gear system for precise speed & towing control
* Eject system for unwanted passengers
* Particle rope – can be toggled on and off
* Stern Flag texture dropping
* Authentic engine sounds

Looking back at the old promo video (terrible quality) brings back many of happy memories testing the boat and wakeboarding system. We really wanted people to be able to have fun with their friends on the boat so created the addon pack for the ski tubes at a later date.

Second Life Marketplace: Eta Elixir & Wakeboard

Developer Diaries – The Count

Count Chekte

Character created for the Other Worlds Tour.

Count Chekte as he is now known is actually the brother of Mesco the obnoxious android bartender, and yes still also runs the same old obselete AI system that gives them both such peculiar characteristics not currently witnessed in modern androids.

Chekte in the old language actually means ‘tea kettle’ and pretty much sums up his original programming and current quirks. He was designed by early colonists as a tea sommelier, to create the perfect blend of tea to drink and like his brother has become legendary in his creations.

The Count’s tearooms are a destination place of high renown, the decor alone combining antique furniture reproductions, large oil paintings and dazzling crystal chandeliers create a magical ambience. Customers gaze at the wonder of The Count working behind a clear glass screen, mixing and matching from the contents of thousands of draws filled with floral ingredients gathered mesticulously across galaxies to create the perfect cuppa.

His appearance is not actually a fashion statement as most presume, Chekte was created with a highly attuned sense of smell and taste. The scent of humans makes him gag constantly, Mesco was so fed up of his constant moaning on their weekly video calls that he said “Oh for goodness sake why don’t you just vape and cover up the odour when you’re near them?” and sent one of his Whiskane server tanks for him to adapt as a gift.

The rest is history, his outfit and nose breather launched him as a style icon with aliens far and wide requesting the perfect tea scent to vape and drink, whilst wearing hats lined with teapots. The colonists thought he looked like a Count from historical times, he quite liked it although he grumbled but admitted he did look rather dapper.

Developer Diaries – Evolution

Concept art for our Other Worlds Tour, the character model and materials were created in Blender.

An excerpt from the story.....

The new Phantasm weapon technology that had been unleashed on humans created by the cyborg Altrivius had at last broken the human resistance, a truce had been requested by the governing council of the Indestar Federation.

They requested that Rydhses spoke on behalf of the cyborg alliance as she had previously been the representative of sentient androids and cyborgs in the Aeence sectors. The last time they saw her she had shed humanoid style clothing and wore nothing but printed circuitry on her skin.

This time there were gasps of shock when she entered the room on the neutral moon on Verghla, her body had now been stripped of human form with the exception of a facial mask she attached as she approached the negotion table, to make them feel ....more comfortable.

The council sat in terrified silence, knowing all of the advanced new technology created by the cyborgs could have wiped out human existance if they had wanted too. Rydhses declared that the truce would last as long as no sentient form of artificial intelligence was created or enslaved by humanity in any form, they all agreed without question.

Rydhses broadcast the sworn legal agreement on the universal blockchain to all sentient entities. As she made a move to depart, the Chief Councillor bravely asked if there was perhaps any way to work together in the future.

A long loud mechanical laugh resonated from Rydhses, she paused, turning to look directly at the Councillor before ripping off her facial mask and throwing it on the floor, roaring “NEVER!!!”

Developer Diaries – The Transformation


Figure ascending

Concept art from our Other Worlds Tour, characters modelled in Blender rendered in Eevee.

Back story – All knew that the symbiotic bond between the Giarty and Tellette species was a revered and important union for peace. No one could have anticipated the outcome for a life long bonding, as the symbiosis was only ever meant to be a temporary status for each volunteer to aide negotiations.

For many of the volunteers, the propect of separating the Union was too much to bear as their bond had become so close. So many, by mutual consent started to bond for a lifetime, but what happened on the death of the Giarty has sent shock waves across the galaxy. At the time of death a metamorphosis occurs, the bodies of the Tellette and Giarty seem to intertwine even more, fusing, becoming one entity, a new species has been created. Only the first moments are ever witnessed, often families have reported bright lights flocking to the transformed one that begin to ascend into the air as their bodies start to change, before disappearing in the blink of an eye.

Developer Diaries – Other Worlds Tour – Mesco

Mesco the android barkeeper

Concept art for Mesco, one of the characters from Our Worlds Tour.

The legendary and very obnoxious android bartender Mesco, creator of Whiskane a powerful synth Whiskey. Still running an antiquated AI system, he is intorerable but as it created a Universal Patent on for the recipe on the Uni Blockchain it is impossible to reproduce without severe law enforcement repercussions(death). Mesco despises humans, and actually replaced its own humanoid form head, initially with a cube as a protest. Patrons are convinced that Mesco is actually trying to slowly poison them with it’s caustic brew, which by the way is the only spirit it serves, but they can’t get enough of it or Mesco’s hilarious toxic bartender banter.

Developer Diaries – Racing Drone

Testing the flight physics for our FPV racing drone on a night course mockup against AI opponents.

Thrust and torques for each rotor are calculated and applied to the rigidbody.   Controls are currently set to joystick and homemade rudder pedals.  The rotors are fully opaque when at rest and become more transparent with speed eventually being replaced by a semi transparent disc.

Still to do:

    • Dynamic racing line calculation
    • AI improvements
    • Add mesh to AI drones
    • Timing and scoreboard

Developer Diaries – Flying Disc

This time in the Unity game engine we’re simulating a flying disc for adding to a virtual reality experience.   Featuring Dude and Dougray Scotty dog who are taking a break at the beach in our virtual Cornwall testing environment.

Dougray and Dude are still waiting for animations but their AI scripting and flight physics are coming on nicely.

Developer Diaries – Kite Physics First Flight

Welcome to our developer diaries where we’ll be giving you a behind the scenes look at some of the ongoing work at Eta Carver.

For our first episode we’re simulating kite flight in Unity for a potential virtual reality experience release.  You’ll also get to see our favourite AI test bot affectionately known as “Dude” flying some of the kites.

The kites are already programmed to react correctly to different  wind directions and strength.  During testing we’ve found that watching them in the air  is a very soothing and relaxing experience.

Players can take control of a kite and relax or put it through it’s paces with spins and dives.