Developer Diaries – Evolution

Concept art for our Other Worlds Tour, the character model and materials were created in Blender.

An excerpt from the story.....

The new Phantasm weapon technology that had been unleashed on humans created by the cyborg Altrivius had at last broken the human resistance, a truce had been requested by the governing council of the Indestar Federation.

They requested that Rydhses spoke on behalf of the cyborg alliance as she had previously been the representative of sentient androids and cyborgs in the Aeence sectors. The last time they saw her she had shed humanoid style clothing and wore nothing but printed circuitry on her skin.

This time there were gasps of shock when she entered the room on the neutral moon on Verghla, her body had now been stripped of human form with the exception of a facial mask she attached as she approached the negotion table, to make them feel ....more comfortable.

The council sat in terrified silence, knowing all of the advanced new technology created by the cyborgs could have wiped out human existance if they had wanted too. Rydhses declared that the truce would last as long as no sentient form of artificial intelligence was created or enslaved by humanity in any form, they all agreed without question.

Rydhses broadcast the sworn legal agreement on the universal blockchain to all sentient entities. As she made a move to depart, the Chief Councillor bravely asked if there was perhaps any way to work together in the future.

A long loud mechanical laugh resonated from Rydhses, she paused, turning to look directly at the Councillor before ripping off her facial mask and throwing it on the floor, roaring “NEVER!!!”