Developer Diaries – The Transformation


Figure ascending

Concept art from our Other Worlds Tour, characters modelled in Blender rendered in Eevee.

Back story – All knew that the symbiotic bond between the Giarty and Tellette species was a revered and important union for peace. No one could have anticipated the outcome for a life long bonding, as the symbiosis was only ever meant to be a temporary status for each volunteer to aide negotiations.

For many of the volunteers, the propect of separating the Union was too much to bear as their bond had become so close. So many, by mutual consent started to bond for a lifetime, but what happened on the death of the Giarty has sent shock waves across the galaxy. At the time of death a metamorphosis occurs, the bodies of the Tellette and Giarty seem to intertwine even more, fusing, becoming one entity, a new species has been created. Only the first moments are ever witnessed, often families have reported bright lights flocking to the transformed one that begin to ascend into the air as their bodies start to change, before disappearing in the blink of an eye.