Throw Back Friday – Eta Elixir

Eta Elixir & Wakeboard

Eta Eliixir a virtual mahogany speedboat

Throw back Friday! Celebrating one of our best selling creations the Eta Elixir which was first launched all the way back in Summer of 2011 and is still a popular choice on the Second Life marketplace!

The Elixir is a classic mahogany speedboat complete with the upgraded Eta Wakeboarding System built in!

* Both Wakeboard & Boat are Included
* Owner can rez temp wakeboard engines allowing friends to join the fun
* Custom scripts and custom animations
* Elixir can carry driver + 5 passengers
* New menu system allows the easy addition of temporary guest drivers
* Dynamic towing system – you are not attached to the back of the boat, so you can really carve those turns!
* New throttle and gear system for precise speed & towing control
* Eject system for unwanted passengers
* Particle rope – can be toggled on and off
* Stern Flag texture dropping
* Authentic engine sounds

Looking back at the old promo video (terrible quality) brings back many of happy memories testing the boat and wakeboarding system. We really wanted people to be able to have fun with their friends on the boat so created the addon pack for the ski tubes at a later date.

Second Life Marketplace: Eta Elixir & Wakeboard

Developer Diaries – Flying Disc

This time in the Unity game engine we’re simulating a flying disc for adding to a virtual reality experience.   Featuring Dude and Dougray Scotty dog who are taking a break at the beach in our virtual Cornwall testing environment.

Dougray and Dude are still waiting for animations but their AI scripting and flight physics are coming on nicely.

Developer Diaries – Kite Physics First Flight

Welcome to our developer diaries where we’ll be giving you a behind the scenes look at some of the ongoing work at Eta Carver.

For our first episode we’re simulating kite flight in Unity for a potential virtual reality experience release.  You’ll also get to see our favourite AI test bot affectionately known as “Dude” flying some of the kites.

The kites are already programmed to react correctly to different  wind directions and strength.  During testing we’ve found that watching them in the air  is a very soothing and relaxing experience.

Players can take control of a kite and relax or put it through it’s paces with spins and dives.